Innovation in Electrical Power Engineering

Renewable Energy Systems and Sources
Mini, Micro, Smart and Future Power Grids
High Voltage Engineering
Wide Area Monitoring and Control of Power Systems
Power System Economics
Grid interaction of Renewable Energy Sources
Energy Storage Systems
Modelling, analysis and design of Electrical Machines and Electromagnetic Devices
FACTS Controllers and HVDC Systems
Power Converters, Power Quality, improvement of Power quality etc
Iterative learning and Repetitive control
Intelligent control
Applications of Control Theory in various fields

Innovation in Communication Engineering

Communication circuits and systems
Signal Processing
Embedded System
Intelligent systems
Distributed circuits and systems
Sensors and actuators
Dynamic sensor networks
Information retrieval using Machine Learning
Vehicle tracking system
Image/Video Processing 
RF system for wireless applications
Antenna & applications
Emerging Technologies

Innovation in Computing

Grid Computing
Cloud Computing
Embedded Computing
High Performance Computing
Statistical Learning and Pattern Recognition
High Performance Data Mining Algorithms
Query Optimization
Data Mining
Internet of things
Advances in Deep Learning
Clustering, Classification and Regression Methods
Optimization Methods
Parallel and Distributed Learning